Simply the best.
Unforgettable smooth flavor and freshness guaranteed in every bag.

Unparalleled Taste

Medium and dark roast with a fantastic aftertaste, and a full body - Smooth with a hint of Citrus Nutty Chocolate Flavor.

Colombian Coffee Experts

Roasted regularly in small batches by Colombian coffee experts who understand how to help you create great tasting coffee at home or work.

Single Origin Guarantee

Single Origin Guarantee by The National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers. Top-selected beans from the best Colombian harvests, with guaranteed consistent purity.

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Let’s start from
the beginning...
Not all coffee is created equal.
  • The perfect conditions

    Our Story

    A unique single origin plantation

    Grown at altitudes of 1,400 to 1,800 meters in the naturally nutrient rich volcanic soils of the Andes Mountains.

  • Our harvesting methods

    Our Story

    Handpicked by locals

    Each bean is handpicked to ensure perfect ripeness with no imperfections.

  • Dried naturally

    Our Story

    Slow and natural drying

    Resulting in the perfect roast ready low acid fresh green beans.

  • Achieving the best flavor

    Our Story

    Carefully roasted

    In small batches for the perfect consistency by Master Colombian Roasters.

  • FDA approved packaging facility

    Our Story

    Packaged fresh from roasting with degassing valves in every bag

    Ensuring you get amazingly fresh unforgettable beans.

...With perfect results


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