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Simons Best Ikonic Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee - 100% Pure Colombian Arabica Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee

Simons Best coffee is grown at altitudes of 4,600 ft. to 5,900 ft. in the naturally nutrient rich volcanic soils of Colombia. The climate combined with the high altitude are the best possible conditions to grow premium quality coffee. Each bean is handpicked to ensure its ripe with no imperfections. The handpicked process takes longer hours than stripping the branch or using machinery, which results in broken, and damaged beans that can be found in lower quality coffee products.

Simons Best coffee has the full flavor of the nut with a hint of chocolate, and the perfect amount of oil, without any bitter acid aftertaste.

What makes Simons Best Coffee so good? It starts where it is grown. In the high-altitude volcanic regions of the Andes Mountains in Colombia’s famed Central Valley. The nutrient rich soil is among the best in the world for growing coffee. Next are the expert farmers that have been growing coffee for generations. To them growing coffee is an art form. They expertly prepare their coffee with an unrivaled post-harvest passion. Perfecting the washing, de-pulping and drying process resulting in perfect green beans. The roasting process sets them apart, resulting in a robust brown bean that looks as superior as it tastes when brewed. That’s what you will get with every purchase of Simons Best.

You won’t find a fresher, better tasting, more consistent bag of Supreme Colombian Arabica coffee beans. That’s our unconditional guarantee to you. If you don’t think Simons Best Coffee isn’t among the best coffee’s you've ever tasted, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.