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Here’s what our satisfied customers are saying about Simons Best Ikonic Coffee.

A. luongo / September 28, 2019

I am a coffee snob there is NO doubt about it. I WILL ORDER AGAIN

Great all around Coffee
guy lasorsa / September 25, 2019

Sometimes I find I cant put my cup down. One of my top favorites

Wonderful coffee!
Ena M. / September 24, 2019

I am an Arabica fan. This coffee has full body and rich flavor.
Definitely YES!

U need a coffee grinder.
AO / September 16, 2019

Great coffee, enjoyed the flavor. My new go to coffee

Very delicious coffee!
AKA_RATMOM / September 16, 2019

I took a chance on this coffee not knowing anything about it. But reading the reviews, I was convinced enough to try it. Im really glad I did! The coffee tastes best to be made on the rich setting on my coffeemaker, rather than the classic setting. I wasnt satisfied with the less full flavor with the classic setting, but the rich setting made the coffee taste much better. The beans were fresh and the coffee grinds up nicely, there is not stuck ground coffee in the grinder, it pours right out. I will definitely be buying this coffee again.

Great clean flavor
Michelle Hubbard / September 10, 2019

I love the full flavor without the "burnt" twist. Just a strong, clean cup of coffee.

Very Good Coffee!!!
Amazon Customer / September 10, 2019

Very good coffee! Strong flavor, good base. Just make sure that you have a good espresso maker to be able to enjoy its quality!

Excellent coffee
Ali / September 8, 2019

very smooth and has a really good taste

Simons Best Ikonic Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee
CharlieBooksNYC / August 30, 2019


Hands down one of the best!
Chad / August 20, 2019

Best coffee Ive ever tasted, no joke! Medium Roast is always my favorite strength and this one is perfectly roasted with a very smooth, nutty, hint of chocolate taste. Well Done Simons Best, hats off to your Colombian growers and roaster!!
Ill be buying more and telling friends and family!

Simons Best Ikonic Coffee is Awesome
Bo / August 20, 2019

I have had all rest (name brands) but this coffee is the best. The aroma gets your taste buds ready for a smooth, not bitter, no aftertaste, fabulous cup of coffee. I highly recommend this product, we have it in our office as well.

Picky about my coffee
Prissy / August 19, 2019

Picky is an understatement. Of course, I grind my beans each morning. And I use a genuine percolator pot, (vintage in mint condition) from whenever Farberware was still manufactured in the US. I like the blurp, blurp. If I have nothing else in the house, you can be sure good coffee with half and half will be here.
I was extremely hesitant to buy coffee online from a company unknown to me. I am not a Starbucks fan, their coffee tastes over-roasted to me. I do like Tim Hortons in the Midwest and Canada, but only from their shops, which arent here on the West coast. We have Peets and a few others, which are OK.
But Simons? Now, THIS is some great coffee. Smooth, mellow and clean tasting. Not acidic, just great coffee. Im a new fan (on my third bag) and now a subscriber. Try it, its how coffee should taste!

Worth to try
viorel ghirdan / August 12, 2019

Great coffee. Absolutely love the taste and flavor. Very intense aroma.

A Good Top Quality Coffee
Robert Laughlin / August 8, 2019

To set the scene, I am an avid coffee drinker, but not big on fads and gimmicks. My go to brews are Starbucks (like them or not, they brew a good coffee), Peets Coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and my daily standard Caribou Coffee. I tend to like mine a little on the Bolder side, and having a thick Body is a MUST. I dont like "watery" coffee.

When I got this, I noticed the processed date was back in April (This is August), so I was worried how "fresh" it would be. When I opened the package, the aroma wasnt as strong as I would have expected for a premium coffee. The first cup I brewed had a good thick body, but seemed very mellow in flavor for a Dark roast. I was initially underwhelmed. I continued the next several days, and noticed it was starting to grow on me.

Here is my observation: It does not have that sharp, tart, acidic bite that most dark roasts have. I tend to like those features in a coffee, but grew to appreciate this coffee over course of the first few days. For those people who dont like the type of sharpness usually found in the brands I names in my intro, I think you will find a winner here.

Its a Very Good, Smooth cup of Dark Roast without the acidic (some say "burnt") edge you get with the usual suspects. This is the coffee I will buy when I have guests over who have commented in the past that they think "Starbucks is a bit too bitter" for their taste.

Unique taste, different than any other coffee !
MC / July 31, 2019

Excellent taste,to me this is better than any other coffee so far I’ve tasted , I love the aftertaste , Great flavor, you need to try to believe it, make the coffee speak for itself

Great flavor
Shea manor / July 24, 2019

Great flavor, full and robust, no burnt taste. I have been drinking Starbucks brand until now but I got a new espresso machine and am getting the burnt taste of the Starbucks. Switched to this coffee and I am hooked.

Wolffie / July 24, 2019

Delicious coffee!

Very fresh
Amazon Customer / July 20, 2019

Product was as described, terrific aroma and very nice taste. A good start to the morning!

Excellent Coffee - Will Re-order
Christopher / July 17, 2019

From smell to sip, I can say confidently that Ikonic Dark Roast coffee is amongst one of the best coffee I have tasted. Im not a coffee expert; however, I have sampled through a lot of local and national brands and can say that few cups compare.

Acid Reflex - Gone
RABinAZ / July 13, 2019

I suffer from acid reflex and love a couple of cups of good coffee in the morning. I was recommended this brand and not only did it taste great, it was very smooth and left me with no acid reflex. I highly recommend both the dark and medium roast.

I rarely, if ever leave reviews..
CAROLYN / July 10, 2019

A friend recommended this Simons Best coffee to me so my wife bought two bags of the medium roast. Its the only coffee I remember tasting as good as it smells when you grind it up!

Brian R

Smooth and delicious!!!!!
Diana Marc / July 9, 2019

First time ordering and love the coffee. I ordered the medium roast and very pleased with the aroma and taste. If you’re looking for a delicious, reasonably priced coffee, Ikonic is the coffee for you!

Long story short - I will be buying this again
Emma / July 9, 2019

I’ve tried so many coffee beans, all which I couldn’t take because the acidity and bitterness was too strong for my liking. I decided to give Simons Best Ikonic beans a try after hearing good things about them. I’m happy to say I found my beans to my liking. Mellow dark roast flavor with that deep smooth taste, and never a hint of bitter or acid.

stephen davis / July 6, 2019

If you like dark coffee this is hands down best Ive had so far

Best coffee!
Andra / July 5, 2019

Amazing coffee! Really good taste! I recommend this to everyone that is looking for high quality coffee.

Finally a Dark Roast with with perfect flavoring!
JULIE / July 5, 2019

This coffee has an amazing flavor! I have tried many different dark roast coffee to find that perfect combination, not to bitter not to sweet. Simons Best found the perfect blend to make this my everyday coffee! :)

Makes a good cup of coffee
Steven Miller / July 2, 2019

I have a Keurig Elite and I have replaceable K-Cups and disposable paper filters and I grind my own coffee. In my opinion, this coffee is really good, better than other dark roasts I have bought. There is no bitter aftertaste and it is smooth. I would recommend these coffee beans.

E50rules! / July 1, 2019

I like a flavorful rich coffee without the bitterness. It can be hard to find. I found what I was looking for. I couldnt go without recommending this.

Smooth, very low acid and good flavor!
rhagel / June 30, 2019

I’m skeptical about coffee and prefer espresso but this coffee really surprised me! It doesn’t have the acid sting / flavor like other coffees I’ve tried (most major brands). I will definitely continue to buy this one! Great job getting this right!

Tastes great
Le Neigh / June 30, 2019

Tastes great! Nice roast and great price!

makes superb iced coffee
Kimberly K. / June 29, 2019

no sweetner needed, smooth rich taste.

Great coffee!
Cathleen Jensen / June 29, 2019

Great taste and aroma! Bold but not bitter. Wonderful flavor!

Great Tasting Coffee!!!
Lucas Silasi / June 28, 2019

One of the best coffee I have ever had. We got a bag from a friend and loved the aroma. We just ordered a couple more bags to have at home. I would definitely recommend this coffee. We got the medium roast.

Smooth and flavorful
LYZ / June 28, 2019

I’ve tried both the dark and medium beans. I’m typically not a fan of dark roast but this was a good option for me as it didn’t have that burned taste some have. The medium bean was good and smooth I’ve made four batches of cold brew with and I’m very pleased with the flavor. Give this coffee a try, you’ll be happy with you did.

Great Pick Me Up
Melanie Battershell / June 26, 2019

I fell in love with this coffee. It is the perfect pick me up in the mornings and keeps me going all day. I love the flavor of it and will be buying this again.

Great Job !!

Love this coffee!
GM / June 25, 2019

Awesome coffee. Smooth and delicious. The medium roast is the BEST!

Fresh and delicious!
want2bkayakin / June 25, 2019

This coffee is amazing! It’s so rich and full of flavor. I don’t really want to drink any other coffee. I have given this as a gift to both family and friends . Everyone loves it!

Great Medium Roast
Allerdale / June 25, 2019

Gentle flavor that doesn’t need much milk or sugar added to it. Makes for a smooth afternoon pick-me-up or just a great warm cup of coffee.

Rich and smooth flavor with great after taste
Amazon Customer / June 25, 2019

I just bought this coffee for the first time on a recommendation from someone else and I must say that it did not disappoint! I heard good things about it and was eager to try it for myself and after trying it I can honestly say that I am more than satisfied! The beans have a very smooth and rich flavor and an incredible aftertaste! This will be my new go to and I will certainly be buying again and recommending it to others!

Dark Roast
Catt / June 25, 2019

I would say Im a coffee snob and I really enjoyed the dark roast. The dark roast was smooth, aromatic, and non-acidic. Would definitely recommend the dark roast.

Awesome flavor
lucian / June 24, 2019

Loved this coffee. Really strong and wonderful flavor. Great quality and one of the best I have had.

Excellent Coffee
David Cravath / June 24, 2019

This tastes like real Colombian Coffee and not some starbucks mixture. Very fresh and aromatic with plenty of kick. I highly recommend it.

Fresh and Delicious
Matt / June 23, 2019

Super fresh, delicious coffee. Great price!! This will be a weekly order going forward.

The rich taste of the coffee
Amazon Customer / June 22, 2019

I am pleasantly surprised about the taste and after taste of this coffee . I will place another order for sure and this will be my favorite coffe

Great taste!!!
diana catinas / June 22, 2019

I had been introduced to this coffee by a friend and absolutely love the rich flavor and aroma. I never leave reviews for anything, however this coffee deserves a 5 star from me and my first review.

kakes / June 21, 2019

Great tasting coffee, will order more soon.

Ikonic Coffee is Iconic!
John Birchler / June 20, 2019

Medium roast has bold smell and flavor. Perfect for early morning risers ready for a kickstart to the day.

Delicious coffee
Dale / June 20, 2019

I usually drink Starbucks but had been wanting something different. I was first introduced to Ikonic through a friend and absolutely loved it! This is my new go to coffee bean for every occasion!

If you are a coffee drinker then you owe it to yourself to try it! You will not be disappointed!

Great cup of coffee!
Amazon Customer / June 19, 2019

This coffee is smooth and has a deep, strong flavor, without being too much. There is absolutely no bitterness, nor is there any of the "burnt" flavor you get from Starbucks. Ive discovered my new coffee!

Great Coffee!
Amazon Customer / June 18, 2019

Smooth coffee with great flavor... going to have to try the medium roast as well. Will be recommending this one to friends

ChristinaB / June 17, 2019

The best coffee, I totally recommend.

Pleasantly Surprised!
M J / June 17, 2019

I know buying online is sometimes hit or miss. But were very happy with the rich taste.
Good stuff in my opinion!

Arick Victor / June 17, 2019

Some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted and reasonably priced to boot. Will definitely order again!

Mike DeMarco / June 16, 2019

Amazing Coffee! Was pleasantly surprised! Will definitely be ordering again.